Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reasons #1 & Me As A Nipper!

Hi guys,

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so have you missed me? Yeah right!! You're probably thinking more like "Oh crap! The little bugger's back... I thought he'd gone for good!" Lol!

So yeah, I've been absent for a while but hopefully I'm back (for now at least. Haha!), and slowly catching up on all your blogs. So, forgive me if I haven't commented for a while.

If you read this blog regularly you'll know that I made a promise to myself to not use this to whinge and moan about stuff when many of you have troubles that are far more serious than my own petty things. Well, I'm not going to moan but I will briefly ( I don't do briefly do I?) tell you what the reasons for my absence were:

Still not being able to find a job was really getting me down. Even though I've been doing my volunteer work it still wasn't enough, I wanted full-time paid employment. Also, not getting any response from employers when you apply for jobs is just an expectation now, but I was (and still am) getting really pissed-off with employers who don't even get back to you when you've attended an interview! Anyway, I have applied for all types of jobs... just so I have a job, any job. Sadly for me though, that means some of them are minimum wage and it will take me a lot longer to save for Spain. I've applied mainly for Retail Store Manager vacancies, some Deputy Manager vacancies and some minimum wage jobs like Assistant Van Driver for a local charity and Sales Assistants jobs.

I had a huge row with my brother Dick (not his real name btw. Lol) because he said I should be applying for anything, regardless of the salary. I thought I knew why he was saying it (because he wanted me to save my money as quickly as possible so I would move out sooner than agreed) and confronted him about it. He said "Yes! This is our home now and we'd like it to ourselves!" Anyway, to cut a long story short: that got sorted out.

Ok, I'll leave it there for today. There's more but I don't want to bore you too much in one post. Haha!

I've posted some photos of me from when I was a nipper, next time I may post a few from my twenties. I don't have many photos of me at all, I've always detested having to have them done so if I can get out of them I will. Lol!

There are some new blogs in my "other blogs I follow" list btw. If you haven't checked them out already... please be so kind as to do so :)

So, on to the photos then *cringes*

That's me on the right. Lol!

Me on the right again.

Right, I'm on the left this time.

Now you see why I hated having my photo taken. Eek!!
Hmm, don't know what the white blob on my nose is, but it's a stain on the photo and not a lump of snot! Haha!

Thanks for reading guys!

Take care all,



  1. Haha wow i love the hair. ;)



  2. Very cute!

    And hopefully things will start to look up for you soon. Good luck! And we missed you. :)

  3. lookin a little like Mac Culkin there in the last picture lol :-) welcome back!

  4. Yay! You finally posted again. :)

    Good luck with the job hunt!

    Nice pics lol

  5. Hey Col...

    I can identify with you on the job front. I am in a similar situation right now. Big hugs from me, and hope you come right soon.

    Much loves


    PS...Cute pics :)

  6. I agree about the last photo - could have quite fancied you when I was near that age!

    Thanx for explainin - U don't need to - we luv yer enough to trust U to cum back when y'r ready.

  7. Col, good to see you back. As with the job junt, dont set your aims too high. Even Managers are having to apply for lower scale jobs, as we saw on that recent tv documentary. Sad but true that some of the lesser jobs have now become a back door to the world of work.


  8. aww...so cute! :p i look at picture of me as a kid and wonder just what the hell went wrong and when. lol.

    and col, you shouldn't feel bad about unloading your troubles here. it is your blog, and well, what are friends for if not to share your troubles with when you are feeling down or frustrated? you are always there for us when we have troubles. your troubles are by no means trivial...different from what others are going through, but still troubles. good luck with the job hunt! *hugz*

  9. @ Mirrorboy. Lol! Yeah right! *snuggles * to you too!

    @ RC: Yeah, hopefully. Thanks RC!

    @ goleftatthefork: Haha! Thanks!

    @ Peter: Thanks buddy!

    @ Sethy: Thanks Sethy! I hope your new venture is successful (and profitable)!

    @ Micky: Lol! A long, long time ago (for me I mean. Eek!). Many thanks.

    @ deejohn: Very true, and I really would be grateful for anything at the moment. Thanks!

    @ Deadwing: Aah, bless you! Thanks matey! *hugz* to you too!

  10. col, it's so good to see you back and hopefully in better spirits, even tho the job situation still sucks big time.

    one of my real-life friends is going thru similar atm. i can only imagine how depressing it must be.

    you looked like such a sweet kit. what happened? lol


  11. @ torchy!: I am in better spirits thanks, and looks can be deceiving! Haha!

  12. Hey col!

    Loving the pics!! Nice motorbike :)
    hope you and your brother sort things out! Good luck in finding a job as well.


    J xx

  13. Sorry, I missed commenting on this post the other day. I thought you were in the left in the first picture LOL. j/k

    Well, I know exactly which boat you are in my friend, but at least we're IN the boat and not floudering around in the water, right? Hang in there.


  14. @ Joe: I loved that motorbike. Lol! I'm sure we will, and I've found a job now (albeit not a great one)! So Yay!!

    @ Seth: Lol! Yeah, you're right there, thanks mate! *Hugs*