Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reasons #2 & Me In My Twenties!! & Hello!

Hi guys,

I knew my sister-in-law hadn't been happy with my brother for some time but recently she just ups and leaves for two days. My poor nieces (10 & 13) were in a right old state, as you can imagine. So, she comes back home and tells Dick that she doesn't love him anymore and she's felt like it for ages. First she says she's moving out with the girls, but the girls wanted to stay with Dick (not her) so things got nasty... lots of shouting and screaming, she got a bit violent, the girls were crying at night and before school etc.

So, eventually Dick says to me "you might have to move out, she's not settled here yet and I don't think it's helping with you living here!" and that he would probably have to move out too. Ok, so I was like livid now. Here I am, I'd given up everything (and they knew it) including my furniture which they're using and didn't even say "thanks!" for and I've got to move to... where? With what ffs!

Anyway, the day after that little episode, my s-i-l says to me that no matter what happens between her and Dick I am welcome to stay here, as agreed, and that she has never had a problem with me being here. Then Dick tells me later that he told her to apologise to me for what had happened and that I shouldn't be asked to leave, none of it was my fault and I'd given up enough already.

It's all "happy families" again now anyway, they're like a loved-up teenage couple. It's a bit sickening sometimes. Haha!

With everything else that's been getting me down there's also Razz too. He keeps popping into my head at the oddest times. Lol! Then I start thinking about him and I get upset and more depressed.

Ok, so there are new blogs I'm following (as I pointed out in my last post), and they are:
I've Got Rythym and It ain't always music. This one's by 18 year old Matt from Utah, USA.

Then there's 16 year old AJ. He's bi with a leaning towards gay and his blog is called coming out (on the net).

Also, a big welcome to my latest follower Ben, from Confessions of a Poor Student blog.

You've probably already visited these blogs, but if you haven't please stop by for a read and leave a comment (or two. haha!). Also, please don't forget to visit Deejohn at the brilliant westasian site. Just take a look at this beautiful young guy and tell me it's not worth taking a look! He's from one of today's posts:

Simon from Scoop. Taken from westasian.

Oh shit, I said I might post some photos of me in my twenties but am I going to look like a freak next to the gorgeous Simon or what!! Oh well, here goes nothing...

Age 21. A Passport photo for a day trip to France.

Age 25 or 26 I think. Another Passport photo but I can't remember why! And just look at that receding hairline. Haha!!!

Ok, that's all for now guys. I hope you're all having a great week!

Take care,



  1. Cute smile in your last one...



  2. what a handsome fellow! ;) ugh...home life sounds a bit stressful at the moment for ya. not fun at all. i hope the situation doesn't unravel on you. best wishes my friend!

  3. You look better when you smile lol.

    Best wishes with your personal life troubles. Wish I could help.

  4. @ Sethy: I don't know about "cute". Lol!

    @ Micky: Would ya? ;) Have a great holiday!

    @ Deadwing: I hope it doesn't either. You say the nicest things! :) Thanks!

    @ goleftatthefork: Haha!

    @ Peter: They're mainly passport photos, I don't have much else. That's why they're all so serious. Lol! Thanks for your wishes, I appreciate them. Take care!

  5. that must have been tough, it's no wonder you've been feeling so down lately. but i'm *so* glad things are easier now at home.

    about Razz. i know what you mean. i was really upset too, but i made the concious decision not to let it get to my blogging after effectively 2 days of mourning.

    i don't think he'd have wanted it. and just coz it doesn't affect my blogging doesn't mean i care any less. i got tears in my eyes now. like i had 10 mins ago, when i was going thru the starred posts in my reader and found his 'scoop' post.

    had to stop for a minute there.

    sorry mate, this comment has been an epic fail.

    erm anyway, i'm too tired to think logically, but as we follow each other round the blogs and agree with each others' comments, hopefully you'll know what i mean. ?

    take care mate (you look pretty cute as a 20s)

  6. Lovely smile - keep doing it, and sod the collection of crows' feet that in engenders. SMiling lifts your soul, and seriously pisses other people off who expect you to be miserable.

    Happy families, eh? Thank God we can choose our friends (cliché, but true).

    Razz - still wakes me up at odd times, and hijacks random moments of the day. We are not maudlin; he was an extraordinary young man. Let's bear that in mind, savour his memory and let it inform our daily exchanges with all our friends.


    G =]

  7. @ torchy!: Thanks torchy! Your comment isn't an epic fail; you're right... he wouldn't have wanted it! See, I'm agreeing with you *again*!!

    @ DBC: Thanks Gurney! As you say... a cliche, but most definitely true!! And of course... you're right too with regard to Razz!

  8. You could have done me any time. ;)

    You can has my hugs. And you can always come live with me. :D


  9. OMG It's Col!!! You're just as good looking today, I know it!!!

    Glad that the situation at home worked itself out, hopefully, and things are perhaps a bit better in general.

    *big hugs* you lovable (still young) hunk :)

  10. @ Mirrorboy: Lol! You're 30 years too late! Thanks for the hugs and I'd love to go live with you :D

    @ Seth: Oh, you flatterer you! Lol! Things, in general, are better now. Still young? A hunk? I think you're commenting on the wrong blog young man! Many thanks Seth! *Love and hugs*

  11. Very interesting. Thanks! I add your blog on my blog list