Friday, May 15, 2009

Some Funnies For The Weekend & Welcome!

Hi guys,

First off... a quick "Hello!" to purvtastic who's photo/video blog you can see by clicking on his name. Thanks for following, and I love your profile picture!

Also, "Hello!" to Matt from I've Got Rythym and It ain't always music. again. Lol! I plugged him yesterday (on my blog you pervs. Haha!) so I was going to say I won't plug him again; but I guess I just have. Doh! Thanks for following Matt!

Just some funnies...
My favourite...

Some cute, freaky and plain fucking ugly...


Those eyes!

Lol! Wtf?

Now these are just down-right freaky
(although the "squirrel cat" is cute :)

This has to be the fucking ugliest pooch alive!
(actually I'm surprised it is alive)...

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!!

Take care,


  1. I think that dog IS the ugliest alive. I'm pretty sure it won the Ugliest Dog Contest.


    Google it if you want. I'm not gonna do it cos I'll start having bad dreams if I see another pic of it :p

  2. Haha two plugs! I'm so special... Thanks!

    I love the tourist fail. Especially because I've been there and that's what everyone does!


  3. @ Peter: Lol! Let me know what you find out :)

    @ Rhythym Changes: Haha! Yeah, I guess you're pretty special! Thanks for commenting.

  4. Col

    thanks for the laughs - always be ready for a shit - just howod you do that lol

    take care and be safe


  5. Thank goodness that the photographer knew about the rule of thirds. Otherwise he/she would have missed the biker planting a kiss on the light post.

    And the kitty in the shower looked so distressed! :(

  6. Yay Col :)
    LOL@ the tourist fail
    and OMG I always wanted a hedgehog!!! They are Sooooooo cute. Someday....

  7. At first i was like :D

    but then i was XD


  8. @ Bob: Lol! Dunno, it's beyond me! I hope everything is ok at your end Bob. Take care!

    @ RC: Oh right, yeah... the rule of thirds. Lol! You are just too darned knowledgable (and creative, and nice, and...). Distressed it may be, but it's still cute. Hehe!

    @ Seth: Yeah, hedgehogs are cute. But, squirrels are cuter :) Thanks Seth!

    @ Mirrorboy: Glad you liked them buddy! *lovehuge* to you too! ;)

  9. OMFG!!!! that is some seriously funny stuff!!! as always, thanks for brightening my day mate.

  10. @ Deadwing: You are very welcome! Glad you liked 'em :)

  11. lmfao! omg this site is funnay-have ta check on it more often hahaha

  12. The chimp-pug was just plain hilarious :3 and the japanese metro train poster was pretty funny too. and why is it that tourists ALWAYS epically fail?

  13. Yeah I agree on the chimp-pug thing. And tourists always fail cause they're...well, tourists! Thanks for the laughs Col. Great site, great material. Oh, and the Mike Litoris? He had to have been teased as a kid...