Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me... Now!

Hi guys,

As you know; I hate having my photo taken. I'm not in the least bit photogenic either, so that doesn't help. I cringe every time I see a photo of me. Lol! Anyway, as I'd already posted the scans from my childhood and youth, I thought 'bollocks! I may as well just post some shots of how I look now.'

Note the big ears, bald head (how could you miss that!) and the circles/bags around my eyes. They're the result of 30 years of insomnia and the reason why I prefer glasses to contacts; they hide the bags a little bit.

Oh yeah, just look at that crappy camera too... it came with my ancient PC package and this was the first time I'd ever used it. I forgot I even had it!

So now you'll be able to put a face to the blogger/commenter/IM'er (you poor things)! There's a lot to be said for anonymity. Haha!

I hope I'm not going to live to regret this!...

(torchy!: note the rose print. just so you know i wasn't telling you porkies. lol!)

Normal service will resume shortly because I've got some introductions to make and I've also got to find some funnies and (possibly) some cuties for the weekend!

Take care guys!


  1. hey col, so that's who i've been talking to all this time! lolz. that is a srsly nice rose print btw, i'd forgotten about that. puts mine in the shade. the water droplets almost look like thought bubbles! haha

    i like that last thoughtful post, and the ones of you smiling are nicer than the ones where you're not.

    thanks for all your help for me Col. you are a true superstar <3


  2. Awwww you're so cute when you smile. ^_^


  3. I like the rose print and you look nice with your glasses.


  4. right-o with the glasses - I like mine better than lenses too.... I'd go out for a drink with ya :-)

  5. Col

    nice to see you hope all is well, take care and be safe, oh hows the job going?


  6. @ torchy!: Haha! That last pose is so cheesy (spelt incorrectly I think) and you're welcome about the help. Anything I can do... you know where to reach me! Take care matey!

    @ Mirrorboy: Awwww bless ya buddy! Not a patch on your smile though, I'd wager ;) Happy birthday & thanks! Love & Hugs!

    @ Drew: Thanks Drew, that's sweet of you! I hope you haven't had to work so hard today btw!

    @ goleftatthefork: Yay! They are a pain sometimes, but I still prefer them to contacts.
    Is that an offer btw? ;)

    @ cvn70: Thanks Bob. I don't start until Tuesday next week (Monday is a Bank holiday here). I had a call from them this afternoon to let me know, but I'll probably post something about it some time after I start. Take care!

  7. WOW. Amazing for you to do this. The glasses make you look younger - and the smile definitely works!


    *picture hugggles*

    ps have not seen you online in forever *pout*

  8. i like your interior design... especially the wall pattern. lol

  9. @ Seth: Haha! I can't believe I did it really, but it's not like I've cultivated an image of me. So, if anybody's disappointed with what they've seen... it's just too bad!! Lol!

    I *will* get back online soon, I know I keep saying that but... I promise! :)

    Thanks Seth, and take care!

    @ Tyler: Hi stranger. Lol! It's actually *not* a good pic of the pattern, but thanks for the compliment! I'm still loving your blog btw. Keep up the great work!

    Take care,

  10. handsome fellow! the glasses are quite a good look on you. :)

  11. @ Deadwing: *blushes* I bet you say that to all the guys! Haha!

    Thanks, and take care!