Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome! , Job News! & A Few Cuties!

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was pretty quiet as usual. Was on my pc for virtually the whole day (and night) on Saturday, reading blogs and umm... stuff ;) On Sunday morning I visited my mum, as I usually do every Sunday. It's boring but somebody has to do it, and seeing as none of my brothers or sisters bother; it's down to me. Haha!

Anyway, I have some more blogs in my lists on the side-bar which deserve a visit. They are...

16 year old Joe from the Midlands in the UK (Yay! Another Brit!!) and his blog is called BENEATH AN ORANGE SKY. Not only does he have a wonderful header and profile picture, but his blog is wonderful too! He writes extremely well and has a great perspective on things for one so young (not unlike Mirrorboy). He describes his blog as... "The life and times of a 16 year old boy delving into the proverbial biscuit tin of life!" ...what a fab expression! Haha!

Ok, next up is Gearloose. He's from Ontario, Canada and the author of A WEALTH OF USELESS INFORMATION blog. This is how he describes himself... "
I’m a 35 yr old Bisexual with a boring life, a job that takes up too much time. And so deeply embedded in the closet most of the time that I can’t see the way out." His blog is full of, well umm... useless information! Haha! Not really... it's actually really cool. There's some really witty and interesting posts there, and some that just confuse the hell out of me. Lol!

And finally there's 24 year old Mambam from the blog (or maybe I should say online diary) of the same name. He's yet another fellow Brit and he's from Manchester, but I think he's actually living in Oldham, Lancs. at the moment. I've not commented on his blog yet, although I've read all his posts, and it's great. It's about his feelings, his friends, work, sex and how cheaply you can eat on a budget at Tesco. Lol!

So, there you go! Please take the time to visit them and say "Hi" or something, they all seem like like really great guys to me!

Hello and Welcome to two new followers too... Joe from BENEATH AN ORANGE SKY (see above. I'd just saved this post as a draft when I noticed these guys had suddenly appeared), and Sashka, who doesn't appear to have a blog (but we know how crappy this google friends thing is). If you do have one Sashka, let me know! Thanks for following.

On Friday afternoon I received a call from a guy who'd interviewed me for a job but who had subsequently given it to somebody else. Apparently, the guy he gave it to had done voluntary work for them in the past so he thought he owed the guy a favour. Fair enough, I thought! It was a minimum wage job anyway and I was waiting to hear back from other interviews (still am), so I wasn't particularly bothered.

So, I don't know what happened to the other guy but I've been offered the job, and I've accepted. Yay! The salary sucks... it's almost £12,000 per year less than my last job, but it's a job and I can easily live on that salary. It just means I can't save as quickly as I'd hoped to for Spain.

The good thing about it is I'll usually finish around 3.00pm, which means I could always fit interviews into the end of my day, so I'll carry on applying for better paid jobs anyway! It's Monday - Friday too so I can go and visit Marmite at weekends and go to Brighton Pride. Yay!!!

I just hope nothing goes wrong now that I've told you, otherwise I'm going to look like a right old twat! Haha!

Here's something to leave you with...
Thanks for reading guys!

Take care,


  1. Col mate, that is *such* good news! and you deserve some good news *so much*. bummer about the salary, but hopefully you'll be able to springboard onto a better paid job in the future.


    last pic: :P

  2. I'm commenting in the train on my way back to Brighton and I'm getting funny looks from some people around me because of the pics. LOL!

    Congratulations on the new job! I hope things continue to turn for the better.

    And I'm glad that you're posting more regularly.

  3. Gratz on the new job, and good luck with the search for a better one either way. Thanks for the welcome, it's my pleasure to be a consumer of your product. I do have one, it's so strange how this blogger stuff works, I'm relatively new to it as well. Stop by and check it out if you'd like. It's at I'm always curious what folks think, so feel free to let me know if you hate it or like it either way. Have a great week

  4. Col

    good to thear aboutthe job and keep loking for a better one. Hope things are well

    take cake and be safe


  5. jeez i must have missed it. hope it's not all gone - can i have some cake too please?

    btw #1 = cutey wutey, #5 = :P


  6. @ torchy!: Thanks mate, it is good news. Yeah, the salary is a bummer but then it's not like I'm managing anything. Less responsibility... less money! Take care!

    @ RC: Oops! Sorry about that. Lol! Thanks RC, and I hope they do to.

    @ Malchik Gai: Thanks Sashka, and you're welcome to the welcome. Lol! I have checked-out your blog and I really like it. It's not my usual type of blog at all, maybe that's why I like it? I dunno! Anyway, I'll give you a plug in my next post. Thanks for commenting and linking to me. Take care!

    @ Bob: Thanks Bob. I'm good... how about you?

    @ torchy! (again): Er, is this comment for me or have you finally flipped from all the late nights and left it on the wrong blog? Lol!

  7. hehe. that's just me being evil about Bob's typing ;) you probably didn't spot it!


  8. Job? Money? Light at the end of the tunnel?!
    Brilliant news.
    G =]

  9. @ torchy!: Haha! No, I didn't spot it eagle-eye!

    @ DBC!: Yes there is (at last). Thanks Gurney!!

  10. congrats on the job. it's always a good feeling when we get a new job! i hope it works out well for you and spain will come along in it's time...

  11. @ jay.osa: Thanks mate! I know it's a crappy job, but yeah... it is a good feeling!

  12. Hooray!!! Its a starting point, right? And we've all been there (or still are) - but its a good step in the right direction, and saving slowly is better than not saving at all, right?

    *optimistic Sethy*

    Anyway I hope it works out for you - and that everything falls into place.


  13. @ Seth: It sure is Seth! And... it sure is Seth!
    Seriously, you're absolutely right on both points. Thanks buddy! *huggles*

  14. congrats on landing the new job. and thanks heaps for the cuties. speedos are like kryptonite to me. *drools*

  15. @ Deadwing: Thanks buddy! Lol @ kryptonite!