Monday, April 20, 2009

Farewell to Razz!

Hi Guys,

I was deeply saddened and upset yesterday, when I learned that Razz had passed away on 26th March. My thanks to torchy!, Ste and NG for letting us know.

Although the news wasn't unexpected, it still hit me like a speeding train and I spent most of yesterday in my room crying. I'm welling-up again now and I thought I was all cried-out!

I never chatted with Razz but we did exchange emails and comments. He was the first person to comment on my blog, and also to follow it. I loved his sense of humour, fun and adventure and his zest for life!

During my time offline while I was moving etc. I managed to check my emails one day and torchy! had sent me a copy of Razz's post about his illness. Of course I was completely gutted but I couldn't email him from the place I was actually checking my email, so I had no choice but to wait until our ISP sorted out our Internet connection at home. Eventually it was sorted out and shortly before he died we exchanged emails. This is an excerpt from mine: "... that since I'd been offline I'd been wondering whether I was doing the right thing by ridding myself of my home and belongings, and heading off to Spain. After reading your post (which torchy! copied for me while I was away) I decided that it was most definitely the right thing to do... life is too short and precious to waste. We never know what's around the corner, so we should seize the moment whenever and wherever we can."

I emailed him again with replies to some questions he'd asked, but alas, I didn't get a reply... now I know why. Razz's death has served to reinforce my thoughts, and my decision, and I will truly miss him for many reasons.

The following excerpt was taken from Razz's post:

Talking about death at the local

"at the pub, we got to talking about stuff. death was one of the topics of the conversation - a perfect one for such a dreary day. we came to the conclusion that if one really look closely at why he/she fears death, it is really because of what lies after death. maybe a lot of you have already realised this, but i had never really thought much about this until this afternoon. some would say there is nothing after death, whilst others may be believe in the heavenly afterlife, or doomed one in hell. for now, i'm taking the middle ground and say that there is an afterlife, but an afterlife where we have control of its quality, just like this life."

I hope he's right, and that he's taking control of his new life right now!

I'm going to try my hardest to get along to Brighton Pride this year, and while I'm there I'll have a pint (or two) for him!

God Bless You Razz!


  1. I know he's having a great time where ever he is. Knowing Razz, he's already putting the moves on some fit lad!

  2. It's really touching to learn how much of an effect he had people who came to know him online.

  3. Very sad. We miss you too, by the way, Col.

  4. A very nice and heartfelt tribute. Not to sound facetious or irreverent, but would someone post a fun tribute, if that's the right word about Razz, just to match his personality. Exalen may have given us a good starting point. Sorry if this is completely out of order.

  5. i don't think it is facetious or irreverent. when i saw exalen's post i chuckled, coz i think he's probably right. lol!

    Razz's passing is incredibly sad, and people have said very touching things about him, but he loved life and had a really good sense of humour.

    i don't think i would be the right person to do such a tribute though, as i wasn't close enough to him. i'm guessing that would be either AJ, exalen or lunatic ninja. maybe others... not sure.

    (sorry to have a 3rd party convo on your blog Col)

  6. too bad, i never followed Razz's blog. maybe i should go read it now..

    what did he die from?

  7. @ torchy!: Thanks mate :(

    @ exalen: Lol! I do believe you're right there!!

    @ naturgestez: Yes, it really is!

    @ Seth: Very sad indeed, and thanks Seth (I will get back to chatting eventually... promise)

    @ RC: Actually, YES IT BLOODY WELL IS!!! Not really (hehe). You're right! I do understand what you're saying, and maybe torchy! can compose a suitably "fun" tribute (sorry to put you on the spot there mate, but I know you can do it!). Thanks for your comment RC, and yes... it was heartfelt.

    @ torchy!: See comment above (RC). Apology accepted btw... just make sure it doesn't happen again young man ;)

    @ Tyler: Razz un-published (for want of a better word) many of his posts, but what's left will give you a good idea of what a wonderful young man he was. Though his recently discovered bone cancer is what weakened him the most (it was only discovered after he broke his leg while studying in the USA), he died from complications of pneumonia. Thanks for your comment Tyler.

  8. Col,

    i've been going thru the starred blog posts in my RSS reader to try and clear them, and this is one of them.

    so i read it again, and it still hits hard, even though it's almost 6 months since he died.

    and talking of long times, it's almost 4 months since you posted. hint :)

    take care Col
    best wishes